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April 2013


Dear Colleague,

This is the first ECTRIMS newsletter in 2013. It follows shortly after a successful workshop with focus on Pregnancy and Hormonal Factors in MS in London on 7-8th March 2013 which is described further below. It also provides updates on planning for the 2013 Annual Meeting in Copenhagen (2-5th October 2013), the Summer School 2013 in Bari/Italy, the fellowship awards 2013 and other meetings and news from ECTRIMS.




Focused Workshop on Pregnancy and Hormonal Factors in MS

The workshop focused on Pregnancy and Hormonal Factors in Multiple Sclerosis took place on 7 and 8 March 2013 at the UCL Institute of Neurology in London. The programme was organized by Profs. David Miller (the meeting host), Xavier Montalban and Franz Fazekas, along with special meeting adviser, Dr Stephen Reingold.

The workshop was aimed to

  • review the current understanding of pregnancy and hormonal effects in MS;
  • generate consensus on best practices for managing MS during pregnancy and post-partum;
  • recommend research strategies to close gaps in knowledge-based consensus.

40 participants took part in two days of presentations and highly interactive discussions that covered a large number of topics related to pregnancy, gender and hormonal in MS. The meeting was very productive and ECTRIMS plans to hold similar Focused Workshops on other MS-related topics in the future. A review manuscript based on the workshop proceedings is being prepared for publication.

For further information please see



Summer School 2013

ECTRIMS is proud to announce that it will introduce the 1st ECTRIMS Summer School on ‘Phase IV studies: New methods in Pharmaco-Vigilance and Monitoring Drug Effectiveness in Multiple Sclerosis’. The Summer School will take place from 25-27th June 2013 in Bari/Italy.

The meeting is directed at young MS investigators with an interest in registries and their use in post-marketing studies. The immediate objective is to equip clinicians with the knowledge and expertise they need to conduct Phase IV studies aimed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of drugs in MS in clinical practice.

The course will provide a detailed introduction to:

  1. Concepts of pharmaco-epidemiology and phamaco-vigilance;
  2. Study designs of Phase IV studies in MS;
  3. Potential applications of existing large MS patient databases and registries to study important questions regarding clinical risk factors, treatments and outcomes;
  4. Fundamentals of different types (clinical, MRI, and laboratory) of measures used for demonstrating improvement/worsening in patient outcomes and risk/benefit and cost-effectiveness effects of drugs in clinical practice;
  5. The theory and application of statistical techniques that are commonly used in Phase IV studies.

The faculty will be asked to select papers which will be sent to the participants with a ‘reading guide’ in order for them to exercise their ability to spot in the current literature what is important and reliable. This self-profile will be confronted during didactical lectures and workshops with the notions proposed by the faculty.

By the end of the course, participants should be able to face practical issues in obtaining, linking and analyzing large databases, to understand all of the key statistical tests, recognize the assumptions behind their analyses, interpret the results and develop project proposals.

The programme will include various presentations on the subject matter as well as workshops in which participants will be asked to work on case studies. For further information please see

ECTRIMS is looking forward to a challenging and interesting event.



ECTRIMS 2013 meeting

The 29th Congress of ECTRIMS will take place in Copenhagen on 2 – 5 October 2013. The meeting will be held jointly with the 18th Annual Congress of Rehabilitation in MS (RIMS). ECTRIMS is delighted that this year’s meeting will be officially opened by Her Majesty, the Queen of Denmark, Margrethe II.

The Scientific Programme includes several new highlights, including a session on Social Media and a programme for Nurses. For details on the Scientific Programme, please refer to the website where you will also find information for submitting abstracts, how to register for the conference and where to book your accommodation.

Scientific Programme

Abstract Submission



To welcome participants to the conference, ECTRIMS is organizing a Networking Event on Wednesday evening at Docken. More details on this totally new and exciting event will follow shortly.



ECTRIMS and ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS Fellowship Programmes

ECTRIMS takes pleasure in announcing the winners of the 2013 ECTRIMS and ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS fellowship award campaign.

In the category ECTRIMS Postdoctoral Exchange Fellowship, ECTRIMS will fund the following projects for a period of 2 years with 50’000 EUR per year:

  1. Dr. Benedetta Bodini – ‘Exploring demyelination and remyelination in MS through a combination of positron emission tomography and advanced magnetic imaging’ – Mentor: Prof. Federico Turkheimer, King’s College University, London, UK
  2. Dr. Andreia Carvalho – ‘Mitochondrial dynamics in MS’ – Mentor: Prof. Jack van Horssen, VU University Medical left, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  3. Dr. Androniki Voulgari-Kokota – ‘Dissection of the effects of mesenchymal stem cells on glial cells involved in neurogenesis’ – Mentor: Prof. Antonio Uccelli, University of Genova, Italy

In the category ECTRIMS Clinical Training in MS Fellowship, ECTRIMS has awarded support of 50’000 EUR for a 1-year clinical training to:

  1. Dr. Maria Cristina Bucur – Mentor: Prof. David Brassat, Purpan University Hospital, Toulouse, France
  2. Dr. Ethel Ciampi-Diáz – Mentor: Prof. Jaume Sastre-Garriga, Cemcat/University Hospital Vall d’Hebron, Barcelona, Spain
  3. Dr. Zheng Liu – Mentor: Dr. Declan Chard, Queen Square MS left, UCL Institute of Neurology, London, UK

In the category ECTRIMS-MAGNIMS Fellowship in Magnetic Resonance Imaging in MS, ECTRIMS will fund the following 1-year-projects with 50’000 EUR:

  1. Dr. Alvino Bisecco – ‘Disconnection and regional WM change WRT cognition in setting of Multicentre MAGNIMS study’ – Mentor: Prof. Massimo Filippi, San Raffaele Scientific Institute and Vita-Salute San Raffaele University, Milan, Italy
  2. Dr. Gijs Nagtegaal – ‘Predictor disease evolution anatomical lesion location’ – Mentor: Prof. Nicola de Stefano, University of Siena, Siena, Italy 


Meeting dates

ACTRIMS 2013, Orlando, USA, 29 May – 1 June 2013

ECTRIMS-ACTRIMS 2014, Boston, USA, 10-13 September 2014

ECTRIMS 2015, Barcelona, Spain, 7-10 October 2015

ECTRIMS 2016, London, UK, 14-17 September 2016



Other meetings in 2013

Adherence to treatment in chronic diseases: focusing on diabetes, growth disorders and multiple sclerosis, Rome, Italy, 5-6 April 2013

Final programme and medical report

MS Preceptorship “Updating knowledge in multiple sclerosis”, Barcelona, Spain, 5-7 June 2013

Read more on the workshop hosted by the Cem-Cat MS left in Barcelona

Cognitive dysfunction in MS: New insights and clinical management, Taormina, Italy, 8-19 October 2013

Read more on this conference



Other news / topics

MS Diagnosis Aid
Dr Bernard Uitdehaag at the VU University MS left Amsterdam has developed a user-friendly “smart phone” application to guide physicians through the MS diagnosis process, based on the 2010 revisions to the McDonald Diagnostic Criteria for MS. The App is available free of charge for IPhone/IPad users through the Apple App Store and for Android users through the Google Play Store. To download the App, search the relevant store for your system for “MS DIAGNOSIS” and look for the following purple, gray and white logo for the MS Diagnosis App. (Logo to be included by Congrex).




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ECTRIMS Executive Committee

M. Trojano, Bari/IT, President
X. Montalban, Barcelona/ES, Vice-President
D. Miller, London/UK, Secretary & Newsletter Editor
P. Soelberg-Sørensen, Copenhagen/DK, Treasurer
B. Hemmer, Munich/DE
C. Lubetzki, Paris/FR
T. Olsson, Stockholm/SE


[fMRI during simple motor task; healthy volunteer (top) and PP MS subject (bottom) Photo M. Filippi, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan
Pathology of SPMS Photo H. Lassmann, University of Vienna
MS t-cells Photo H. Lassmann, University of Vienna
Arcuate fasciculus impacted by MS lesion Photo M. Filippi, Ospedale San Rafaelle, Milan
Photo Congrex
optic disc palor after acute ON. Courtesy A. Toosy, London