ECTRIMS is pleased to refer you to the following organisations that have programmes and services that are of interest to the European professional community focused on multiple sclerosis:

Americas Committee For Treatment And Research In Multiple Sclerosis (ACTRIMS):

ACTRIMS is a non-profit North American organisation dedicated to treatment and research of MS, dissemination
of knowledge and collaboration among disciplines.

The ACTRIMS annual meeting for clinicians and researchers includes the Donald Paty Memorial Lecture, which honors an individual who has made importrant contributions to MS treatment and research.

European School of Neuroimmunology (ESNI):

ESNI (European School of Neuroimmunology) offers a continuous educational programme from basic immunology to clinical neuroimmunology.

European Charcot Foundation (ECF):

The ECF is a non-profit independent organisation to advance multiple sclerosis research in Europe with symposia and teaching courses on focused topics related to MS. The ECF also organises, directs and conducts treatment trials for MS and presents publications in peer-reviewed journals.

European Academy of Neurology (EAN):

The EAN is the organisation that unites and supports neurologists across the whole of Europe. Currently, 45 European national neurological societies as well as 800 individuals are registered members of the EAN. Thus the EAN represents more than 19,000 European neurologists. The EAN offers a variety of grants and fellowship programmes to young neurologists.

Magnetic Resonance in Multiple Sclerosis (MAGNIMS):

MAGNIMS (Magnetic Resonance in Multiple Sclerosis) is a European network of academics that share a common interest in the study of multiple sclerosis using magnetic resonance imaging technique.

Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF):

The MSIF is an international body that aims to link the activities of national MS societies around the world by encouraging international research, developing new and existing MS societies, exchanging information and supporting advocacy efforts. Links are provided to MS societies and organisations throughout the world. The MSIF also offers grants and fellowships for young MS investigators and a lifetime achievement award in MS research.

Rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis (RIMS):

RIMS stands for the European network for best practice and research in MS Rehabilitation.
They represent and bring together health care professionals, researchers and patient organisations from different settings with the aim to enhance activity, participation and autonomy of people with MS by developing and advocating evidence-based rehabilitation.

[fMRI during simple motor task; healthy volunteer (top) and PP MS subject (bottom) Photo M. Filippi, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan
Pathology of SPMS Photo H. Lassmann, University of Vienna
MS t-cells Photo H. Lassmann, University of Vienna
Arcuate fasciculus impacted by MS lesion Photo M. Filippi, Ospedale San Rafaelle, Milan
Photo Congrex
optic disc palor after acute ON. Courtesy A. Toosy, London