16 October 2018

Video ECTRIMS 2018 Highlights in Berlin

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17 September 2018

ECTRIMS Newsletter – September 2018

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5 September 2018

ECTRIMS Society App available now

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20 July 2018

Video ECTRIMS 2018 Congress in Berlin

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14 June 2018

ECTRIMS Newsletter – June 2018

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23 March 2018

ECTRIMS Newsletter – March 2018

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21 March 2018

ECTRIMS Job Platform

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20 January 2018

The ECTRIMS/EAN Guideline on the pharmacological treatment of people with multiple sclerosis has been now published.

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2 November 2017

Video MSPARIS2017 – 7th Joint ECTRIMS – ACTRIMS Meeting Highlights in Paris

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15 September 2017

ECTRIMS Newsletter – September 2017

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[fMRI during simple motor task; healthy volunteer (top) and PP MS subject (bottom) Photo M. Filippi, Ospedale San Raffaele, Milan
Pathology of SPMS Photo H. Lassmann, University of Vienna
MS t-cells Photo H. Lassmann, University of Vienna
Arcuate fasciculus impacted by MS lesion Photo M. Filippi, Ospedale San Rafaelle, Milan
Photo Congrex
optic disc palor after acute ON. Courtesy A. Toosy, London