spinal cord scan white matter integrity post-mortem MRI grey matter volume loss optic disc palor
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ECTRIMS has initiated an annual programme of FOCUSED WORKSHOPS and SUMMER SCHOOLS to organize and support timely international scientific/clinical meetings on topics of interest and importance in MS. Programmes are limited in numbers of participants and held in European locations designed to facilitate discussion and interaction. It is anticipated that outcomes from each such programme will be published in an internationally recognized journal with wide dissemination.



ECTRIMS FOCUSED WORKSHOP „Environmental, modifiable risk factors for multiple sclerosis: what have we learned, where are we headed?”

3-4 March 2016, Florence/Italy

Please click here for the programme of the ECTRIMS Focused Workshop 2016.



ECTRIMS FOCUSED WORKSHOP „Immunology of Multiple Sclerosis – from a human point of view”

5-6 March 2015, Larnaca/Cyprus

The ECTRIMS Focused Workshop 2015 is aimed at improving our understanding of the role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis. Many studies pertaining to this subject have been conducted in animal models of the human disease. However, the results of many animal studies did not translate well in human multiple sclerosis. This may relate to lack of appropriate models or species differences. We have therefore invited a group of leading experts in the immunology of multiple sclerosis to give a series of presentations on this issue at the Focused Workshop.

Please click here for the programme of the ECTRIMS Focused Workshop 2015.




6-7 March 2014, Lisbon/Portugal

Incidence and prevalence of MS along with cost and complexity of its management are increasing. A new MS clinical management paradigm is warranted. The use of new technologies allows different ways of communication and intervention that may increase equity, effectiveness, perception of quality of care and cost optimization. In a series of presentations and discussions current scientific knowledge and clinical practice in this area will be discussed.

Please click here for the programme of the ECTRIMS Focused Workshop 2014.



ECTRIMS FOCUSED WORKSHOP on Pregnancy and Hormonal Factors in MS

7-8 March 2013, London/United Kingdom